Towering Beliefs


I built a tower
made of blocks of belief
a magnificent tall tower
that gave me relief

higher and higher
it went as I built
on shaky foundations
of sand and silt

maintaining my tower
of endless beliefs
left no time for flowers
or even for me

I spied from the turret
a lovely glade
with a beautiful stream
and an oak with shade

safe in my tower
or so I thought
strong winds came
and toppled it all

sat in a daze
all bloody and bruised
in the rubble and ruins
I lamented my fall

I remembered the stream
and headed that way
knelt down by the water
washed the blood away

resting underneath the oak
majestic and strong
a bed of soft, green grass
a mattress for my soul

now I am free
to frolic and play
with no more beliefs
to maintain all day

Photo: Jaromir Kavan @ Unsplash


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