Some Kind Of Crazy


did you know that spiders
are aliens in disguise
I read it on a website
so it can not be a lie

apparently they roam
gathering intel on our habits
collate it and send it
back to their planet

now I live in a country
with spiders aplenty
notorious they are
for being the deadliest

I keep a lookout
for the deadly foe
I don’t want to be bitten
on my little toe

but now I have more worries
when I’m in bed asleep
will the alien spiders
come probe my mind deep

was the web author crazy
maybe a little touched
consumed with ideas
of conspiracy, as such

I wish I could forget
this utter alien nonsense
but now every time I see a spider
I wonder, if it’s true

and so my dear friend
now you’ll wonder too
coz crazy is catching
this much is true

Photo: Patrick Hendry @ Unsplash


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