The Shadow


I glance to the shadows
and what do I see
a darker version
of this thing called me

come into the light
I do invite
but she declines
my offer
it’s far too bright


Photo: @ Unsplash



True Love


in stillness
I met her
deep within

the Goddess
of love
inside of me

like a flower
in my soul

she whispers
in my ear

wipes away
my tears
and fears

her gentle love
reassures me
like no other can

how lucky I am
to have found


Photo: Kari Shea @ Unsplash

My Pleasure Zone


my pleasure zone
is mine alone
admittance forbidden
without my permission

it’s not for sale
hire or rent
I allow only those
with benign intent

my pleasure zone
has treats in store
a magical paradise
that never bores

love is the key
if you want to appease
the tunnel of bliss
deep inside of me

my pleasure zone
cave of divinity
a scared vessel
that births humanity

do not grab it
showing disrespect
or a knee in the nuts
is what you’ll get

my pleasure zone
is one wild ride
but who gains entry
is for me to decide!


Photo: Roya Ann Miller @ Unsplash

Positivity Trap


positive thinking is good
I agree

but in times of despair
when I’m on my knees

new insights are birthed
from inside of me

they would not have seen
the light of day

if I had been positive
in a forceful way

now I am cleansed
of pain and sorrow

a new day tomorrow
I’m back on track

with fresh inspiration
my positivity is back


Photo: Dylan Siebel @ Unsplash

I am who I am


lurking behind the glass
where I am safe
watching the others
whom I can not face

I can see them
they can not see me
for I’m not like them
nor will I ever be

in watching the others
I’ve truly learned
that I am who I am
and that much, I’ve earned


Photo: Tiko Giorgadze @ Unsplash

Towering Beliefs


I built a tower
made of blocks of belief
a magnificent tall tower
that gave me relief

higher and higher
it went as I built
on shaky foundations
of sand and silt

maintaining my tower
of endless beliefs
left no time for flowers
or even for me

I spied from the turret
a lovely glade
with a beautiful stream
and an oak with shade

safe in my tower
or so I thought
strong winds came
and toppled it all

sat in a daze
all bloody and bruised
in the rubble and ruins
I lamented my fall

I remembered the stream
and headed that way
knelt down by the water
washed the blood away

resting underneath the oak
majestic and strong
a bed of soft, green grass
a mattress for my soul

now I am free
to frolic and play
with no more beliefs
to maintain all day

Photo: Jaromir Kavan @ Unsplash

Inside Job


External God
Is a being
That has power
Over you

Internal God
Is a being
That empowers

External God
Commands you obey
Follow the rules
Or you’ll surely pay

Internal God
Makes suggestions
And offers guidance
That always prospers

External God
Takes all the credit
When life is good
And blames you
When life is bad

Internal God
Gives you the credit
When life is good
Gently counsels you
When life is bad

External God
Is a tricky shapeshifter
Sometimes benign
Sometimes the tester

Internal God
Is consistently true
Has no tricky tests
For confusing you

External God
Needs to be appeased
With words of praise
Or a pretty please

Internal God
Sings your praises
For you are the beloved
It seeks to please


Photo: Dmitry Ratushny @ Unsplash